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The Company BHB GmbH Projektmanagement für Joint-Venture-Unternehmen was established at the end of 1991 on the basis of many years successful co-operation for people who were engaged in different economic branches.

The BHB GmbH is engaged in advising, business co-ordination and allied arrangements for Vietnamese undertakings and institutions, for European companies in the process of developing trade relationships with SR Vietnam such as project management for Vietnam-European Joint-Ventures.

With the disintegration of the East Block, Vietnam changed to an open economic. It was envisioned that this would bring new challenges for co-operation in different economic sectors project areas. The resulting problems can only be successfully solved by an interdisciplinary staff. This strategy has always been proved to be correct up to this date.

Just after the establishment, a team of staff and specialists were won in Vietnam and Europe and the close co-operation of Vietnamese and European companies was realised.

In 1992 and 1993, representation from Vietnamese production Companies for European markets and from German undertakings were taken over for Vietnam. In the first instance, good trading results were achieved. After that, different project plans in the name of Vietnamese undertakings and institutions were taken over and with the same potential partner companies in Germany were confronted and adviced during information trips to Vietnam. The already good relationships between individual staff and Vietnamese Government departments and undertakings were deepened.

In 1994, many project shipments were transacted and business activities were strengthened.

For specialised medium Companies, many business analyses were done in Vietnam and project developments with Vietnamese producers were carried out with success up to the stage of sales in Europe.

Consultation for German Industrial undertakings during the establishment of Joint-Venture, distribution and dating of partner in Vietnam was continuously successful in 1995. BHB had worked as Consultant from the first idea up to the opening of the assembling line of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Ltd., a Joint-Venture between Germany, Singapore and Vietnam.

The goal for the succeeding years is to build up on the achieved know-how, the eventual extension of the consultancy for Vietnamese institutions and factories in the projection and realisation as well as for European undertakings mostly in the building up of economic relationship with Vietnamese relevant related questions for foreign companies in order to make a possible successful entrance in the growing Vietnamese market.

From 1997 to 2000 we were official agent of MTU Machine Turbine Union, a company owed by Daimler-Benz AG with great success. MTU had set up their own Representative Offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on rising business volume and higher product support demands.

In 1998, we took the role of centralised adviser and controller and as an active staff in the establishment of one of the first share-holder companies in Vietnam. In Dec. 2001 the first Vessel-Traffic-Radar-System in Vietnam between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, delivered by former DASA (now belonging to EADS), will be finished. BHB GmbH has worked as Consultant for DASA from the beginning of the project.

In 1998, we took the role of centralized adviser and controller and as an active staff in the establishment of one of the first share-holder companies in Vietnam.

Due to the long standing experience, our company has started in the last years activities in other developing countries in West-Africa (eg. Sierra Leone) to establish economic and political contacts between Vietnam, Europe and West-Africa.

In Sierra Leone we are presently working on establishment of a Rice-Demonstration- and Training-Farm, together with Vietnamese Experts. This will become the start up of large scale rice farming in the country to reduce the import.