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Addresses and Contacts

BHB GmbH Projektmanagement
für Joint-Venture-Unternehmen

Schillerstr. 18
D-76135 Karlsruhe

Fon: +49 721 9850171
Fax: +49 721 9850172
E-Mail: info@bhbgmbh.com
Internet: www.bhbgmbh.com

Staff Members

Mr. Burkhard Buss - Managing Director
Mobile Phone Germany: #49-(0)171-3360475
Mobile Phone Libya: #218-(0)928558707
Mobile Phone SierraLeone: #232-(0)76-773145
EMail: buss@bhbgmbh.com

Ms. Thanh Huong Tu - Senior Consultant
Mobile Phone: #49-(0)171-2809718
EMail: huong@bhbgmbh.com

Dr. Liem Huy Ngo - Economist
Mobile. Phone: #84-904024647
EMail: liem@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Abu Bakarr Karim - Consultatnt West-Africa
Mobile Phone: #44-(0)790-0021461
EMail: karim@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Joachim Müller - Consultant Software and Computer Technology
Mobile Phone: #49-(0)170-1864469
EMail: mueller@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Eric Ilunga - Consultant Congo
Mobile Phone: #49-(0)160-4282425
EMail: ilunga@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Casimir Tchekoumeni, MBA - International Trade Consultant
Mobile Phone: #49-(0)173-7972135
EMail: tchekoumeni@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Mbiandieu Fabou, DEA Economics/SAP Consultant (SCM-Logistic) 
Mobile Phone: #49-(0)172-6201587
EMail: fabou@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Abu Bakarr Kamara - Consultant Aviation and Tourism
Mobile Phone: #232-76601788
EMail: kamara@bhbgmbh.com

Dr. Mohamed - Representative Libya
Mobile Phone: #218-927068154
EMail: mohamed@bhbgmbh.com

Mr. Hassan Nagi - Consultant Energy Libya
Mobile Phone: #218-925175954
EMail: nagi@bhbgmbh.com