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Offered outputs for Developing Countries

  • Adviser and organizer of project concepts
  • Organizer of project exposures, pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies
  • Search for German assistance possibilities, and application work on the assistance
  • Search for German Business partners or humanitarian organizations
  • Organizer of travel trips to Germany
  • Arranging contacts with German industries
  • Care taker during the stay in Germany
  • Producer of analyses for European market
  • Implementation and search of German products
  • Preparation and advising in business trips to Germany
  • Assumption buying and agreement arrangements
  • Evaluation of long financing possibilities for export
  • Active representation in the German and European markets
  • Product and quality adviser for products in the European markets
  • Adviser to technical modernization from production machines
  • Searcher of European investors and joint-venture partners
  • Organizer of joint-venture concepts, exposures and feasibility studies
  • Adviser for joint-venture projects